Garden Design + Re-Designs

Garden Design

designing your dream garden

Let the team of LIVE SIMPLE design or re-design your Garden that will meet all of your requirements.

 We will start with a walk-through and then discuss your goals.

Vegetables and Herb Designs

Your favorite vegetables and herbs homegrown in your dream plot

Indigenous plant landscape designs

By evaluating your garden, we'll choose plants that will thrive in the microclimate of your yard.

Small space designs

Defining small spaces with unique designs that combine your garden, plants, and water features.

SPIN farming
(Small Plot Intensive Farming)

The vibes of an imperative, big, and auspicious thought, and it is one that fits into urban culture delightfully

Permaculture and polyculture design

Combine the colors and plants that grow together and work in unison with our knowledge

Soil structure building

Retain crop residues. Incorporate cover crops, green manures and catch crops. Develop a crop rotation schedule. Utilize animal manures and compost.

We can help

Our dream job will become your dream garden.